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Feel the Horsepower from Your Next Vehicle

Horsepower is important and can tell you a lot about what is under the hood of a vehicle. One horsepower is about the equivalent to a pony hauling 33 pounds. Considering that a lot of vehicles these days have hundreds of horsepower, that is a lot of power under the hood.

James Watt came up with the way to measure power with the unit of horsepower in the 1800s, and it is still being used today to measure just how much power is under the hood and behind many different machines such as our lawn mowers. The more horsepower, the…

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These Road Trip Kits are Essential to a Great Vacation

It's summer time and that means it's the perfect time for a road trip with your friends or family. However, before you pack up and leave, it's important that you have the right gear along so you can be ready for nearly any situation that may occur in the cabin. The pros from have made a list of two kits you're going to want to bring along - an emergency kit and a convenience kit - so take a look below and learn more. We have a written list but, if you need more details, watch…

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carwow Delivers Details on 2017 Ford Mustang

Are you seeking a sports car for your next vehicular purchase? Well, if so, we here at Valu Ford and Chrysler would be quick to encourage you to try ours, the 2017 Mustang, on for size.

And why's that?

We'll let carwow critic Mat Watson explain. His evaluation of the Mustang is as follows:

There is no doubt a great deal to appreciate about the Mustang's entry-level engine, a 3.7-liter V6.

Available with your pick of either a six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic with shifter paddles, the V6 makes a muscular 300 horsepower and…

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Ford Offers Fresh Spin on the Full-Size SUV with 2017 Flex

If you're searching for a large-and-in-charge utility vehicle but are sick of the same old same, your friends here at Valu Ford and Chrysler feel it's high time you had a look at the convention-smashing 2017 Flex.

What makes this one different than the rest? The answer, conveniently enough, can be found within the video review below. Join our friends over at Edmunds, as they highlight the best qualities of the Flex:

A serious stunner from tip to tail, the Flex's range-topping Limited model pulls out all the stops.

Standard equipment on this trim includes 19-inch wheels…

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2017 Ford Fusion is One Striking Midsize Sedan

If you're seeking a midsize sedan for your next automotive purchase, we here Valu Ford and Chrysler think you may well meet your match in ours, the 2017 Fusion.

And why's that? Managing Editor Jodi Lai is here with an explanation; join her in the clip below:

We've little doubt that most shoppers will be satisfied by the Fusion's entry-level engine, a 2.5-liter four-cylinder.

Teaming with a six-speed automatic transmission, the base four-banger is rated at a respectable 175 horsepower and 175 pound-feet of torque. It's available in front-drive form only.


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Categories: , , Relishes in Rambunctious 2017 Ford Focus RS

Might you be in the market for a hot hatchback? Well, if so, you're in luck, as we here at Valu Ford and Chrysler have one that's bound to make one heck of a compelling bid for your business.

And its name?

Why, none other than the 2017 Ford Focus RS! Check the clip below to hear to hear all about it from Road Test Editor Dan Ilika:

Stocked to the gills with incredible creature comforts, the sole trim of the Focus RS is not one to disappoint.

Standard features include a rearview camera, dual-zone auto…

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A RAM commercial vehicle is all you need

Every aspect of your commercial firm matters when it comes to making the business stable. This includes the way you deliver your goods and what you use to deliver them.

Making your employees happy is also part of what makes your business successful. RAM commercial vehicles could be the answer to all your worries. Each of the models in the lineup of commercial vans and trucks has been designed to meet a specific need.

If you need a good van to help your delivery guy with his or her deliveries in the city each day, then the RAM ProMaster City…
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Save fuel without sacrificing space with the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Do you like the idea of driving an efficient vehicle but the average hybrid hatchback just don't have enough trunk for all of your junk? In recent years, the automotive industry has been expanding upon the definite of what a hybrid vehicle can be.


Gas-electric engines aren't just for compact cars anymore. Meet the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid, the fuel-frugal variation of Ford's midsize sedan. It retains all that you love about its gas-powered counterpart -- like a confident ride, feature-filled cabin, and stylish exterior -- and it adds a high MPG rating to the lengthy list of attributes…

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