Discover the 2018 Ford Fusion's Active Park Assist Technology

Modern automotive technology continues to impress car buyers, and Ford's smart technologies are no exception. The 2018 Fusion features a bundle of smart technologies that enhances occupant safety by avoiding accidents before they happen. Another convenient smart technology that's included makes parking easier.

The Fusion's Enhanced Active Park Assist is a smart technology that takes control when you're looking for a parking spot. As you drive slowly, you can activate the assist, and it will choose an open spot and park the Fusion for you. It uses ultrasonic sensors to detect other vehicles while parallel parking and backing into perpendicular spaces.

Here at Valu Ford, we invite you to visit our showroom for a tour of the 2018 Fusion's smart features. Our tech-savvy sales people will be happy to answer any questions you might have and arrange a test drive.



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