All-New Ford Mustang Performance Exhaust Audio Engineering

If you want to know what separates the new Ford Mustang from other popular performance cars, all you have to do is listen to the way this vehicle rumbles down the road.

The one thing different about the new Ford Mustang appeals to your sense of hearing, thanks to the ability to control the performance exhaust. Switch up from a low grumble to a screaming howl, all dependent on how you feel in that moment.

Once inside the new Ford Mustang, simply flip the switch on the center console and you can make the vehicle scream loudly or rumble quietly. The settings range from an exhaust that is ultra quiet, normal, track setting, or quite aggressive. Whatever sound you desire, you select and your new Ford Mustang will certainly respond to that request.

Take the new Ford Mustang for a test drive at Valu Ford and Chrysler and hear it growl down the road.




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