Have a Look at These Jeep Compass Capability Features

The new Jeep Compass is considered to be a popular compact SUV because it has capacity features that make your drive safer and easier. These are some of those features that you'll want to learn more about.

Included with the new Jeep is the traction management system that gives the control of five different driving modes to the driver. Once the driver chooses one of these driving modes, the Compass will then automatically sync the pedal response, transfer case, throttle control, and shifting, to one another.

When the Jeep experiences difficult weather conditions, it utilizes these features to make driving safer. Wipers have built-in de-icers and rain-sensing technology, the exterior mirrors are heated to keep them clear, and the auto mode feature will be able to detect unique road conditions and adjust the ride.

If you want a closer look at these capability features and more, head over to Valu Ford and Chrysler and give it a test drive today.




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