The Importance of Being Visible When Changing a Flat Tire

There are dangers when changing a flat tire. The importance of being visible to other drivers, especially when in heavy traffic, cannot be overstated. Tires can go flat anywhere on the road. If you are not able to pull off the road far enough to avoid any possible contact with traffic, you must take every precaution to be seen.

After you have found the best possible place to pull over with your flat, you should make yourself as visible as possible Now is not the time to be embarrassed; it is time to be cautious. Always turn on your hazard lights to inform other drivers of the danger. If you have them, set a flare at 15-feet to the rear of your vehicle and another at 30-feet.

At Valu Ford and Chrysler in Morris, MN, we check your preparedness for a flat and recommend any equipment you may need.




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