Impress List of New Dodge Durango Performance Features

The new Dodge Durango is a popular three-row SUV that has countless performance features really turning heads this year. Today we discuss a few of those features drivers appreciate.

The new Durango is equipped with 50/50 weight distribution. What this means is the engine and drive axle have split the weight distribution, so it can make towing and hauling easier. When trying to accelerate carrying a heavy load, the weight shifts, helping to increase down-force and give the drive more traction on the road whether moving up or down serious inclines.

The Durango also has the Standard Trailer Sway Control feature that applies just the right amount of brake pressure across alternating wheels or will adjust the Durango's engine throttle in order to help eliminate any sway while maintaining trailer and vehicle system stability.

If you stop by Valu Ford and Chrysler, get behind the wheel of the new Dodge Durango for a test drive today.



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