Feel the Horsepower from Your Next Vehicle

Horsepower is important and can tell you a lot about what is under the hood of a vehicle. One horsepower is about the equivalent to a pony hauling 33 pounds. Considering that a lot of vehicles these days have hundreds of horsepower, that is a lot of power under the hood.

James Watt came up with the way to measure power with the unit of horsepower in the 1800s, and it is still being used today to measure just how much power is under the hood and behind many different machines such as our lawn mowers. The more horsepower, the more power.

Come to our showroom at Valu Ford and Chrysler to check out one of our many vehicles that have no shortage of horsepower. The amount of horsepower that a vehicle has will tell you a lot, but you really need to just get in the driver's seat to really experience the power.


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