Stay Safe while Towing in Morris, MN

If you’ve purchased your first boat and are ready for lake adventure, there are a few safety precautions you should follow to ensure proper towing. The first is verifying that your vehicle can handle the extra weight. The owner’s manual will provide you with specific weight capacity guidelines.

If you’ve determined that your vehicle and new boat are a good match, then you can move on to other aspects. Inspect the boat’s trailer to make sure it’s in proper order. That includes the wheels, tires, and lug nuts. The tow hitch attached to your vehicle should fit and be appropriately installed. Mirrors are another safety feature you don’t want to overlook. Including towing mirrors is recommended.

The team of mechanics in our service center at Valu Ford and Chrysler are ready to assist you with your questions. Don’t hesitate to bring your towing package in for a final inspection.


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