Valu Ford & Chrysler Opens Up to Welcome You In

Hello and Happy July (whoa, did I just say July?)!

My name is Jenna Christianson and I was born and raised in small-town USA, just East of Morris on Highway 9 in Benson, MN.  I graduated from Benson Public High School in 2012 and migrated to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to attend Augustana College, where I studied Business and Communications.  I’m plagued with the hunger to learn and relish in the journey of life.  Any endeavor I pursue is something that I care about and desire success for, but what I'm truly passionate about is connecting with others. 

Part of the reason we've decided to start a personalized blog here at Valu Ford & Chrysler is to give you, our people, an inside look at who we are.  I know from first-hand experience that stepping onto a dealership parking lot can be intimidating and overwhelming.  There are people coming from all directions (more often than not, strangers) with information and suggestions on what to buy and how to finance that vehicle.  Servicing your vehicle can be daunting as well, making sure whoever’s hands you leave it in are a trusted professionals.  At Valu Ford & Chrysler the goal is to make every single customer feel welcomed and at ease when they step on the lot because buying and servicing a vehicle should be a smooth, stress-free experience.  So, in being as transparent as possible, while providing useful and sometimes entertaining information, we hope that when you come to our dealership you feel like you already know us!

I'll be telling you everything you need to know about our dealership from special events to behind the scene bloopers of staff, how-to's, company updates, and so much more.  If there's anything you'd like to know more about I encourage you to leave a comment or email me at  Suggestions, questions, and even disagreements are welcomed.  This is my first blogging experience so as you learn about us at Valu Ford & Chrysler, I'll be learning too!  

Be on the look-out for the next blog post and get out there and enjoy July while it's still here!

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