2017 Ford Escape: Every Mile Counts

Looking for an athletic looking, distinguishable car that is soft and has a stylish interior? The 2017 Ford Escape has you covered. It boasts of a mid-cycle revive that gives it an intrepid exterior. It is user-friendly starting with the steering that has a precise feel that ensures handling is exact and foreseeable. The appeal of the 2017 Ford Escape boasts not only on the exterior but on the interior as well.

The interior of the 2017 Ford Escape has a lot of space and makes room for your belongings and passengers. The Escape has enhanced cup holders and pack cubbies, making this the ideal family car you can find. On top of this, it is armed with an array of technology, for instance, its offered blindspot monitoring that is aimed at keeping everyone in the car as safe as can be.

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