Save Gas Money with a Ford Edge SUV

Life in the city means lots of people and, therefore, lots of traffic. Smart drivers try to schedule their driving to occur at low-traffic times of the day, but for some of us, heavy traffic is simply unavoidable. If you're stuck in traffic frequently, the 2017 Ford Edge SUV is the perfect car for you.

With its auto start-stop technology, it reduces fuel consumption and vehicle…
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Save fuel without sacrificing space with the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Do you like the idea of driving an efficient vehicle but the average hybrid hatchback just don't have enough trunk for all of your junk? In recent years, the automotive industry has been expanding upon the definite of what a hybrid vehicle can be.


Gas-electric engines aren't just for compact cars anymore. Meet the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid, the fuel-frugal variation of Ford's midsize sedan. It retains all that you love about its gas-powered counterpart -- like a confident ride, feature-filled cabin, and stylish exterior -- and it adds a high MPG rating to the lengthy list of attributes…

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