Save Gas Money with a Ford Edge SUV

Life in the city means lots of people and, therefore, lots of traffic. Smart drivers try to schedule their driving to occur at low-traffic times of the day, but for some of us, heavy traffic is simply unavoidable. If you're stuck in traffic frequently, the 2017 Ford Edge SUV is the perfect car for you.

With its auto start-stop technology, it reduces fuel consumption and vehicle emissions during driving, and with that gives you a little more bang for your buck. When the car comes to a stop and is idle, the engine automatically shuts off and then restarts when your foot leaves the brake or steps on the accelerator. This keeps you from wasting gas sitting in a car that isn't even moving. The auto start-stop technology is standard on SE 2.0 EcoBoost FWD models. Want to see for yourself? Come take a test drive at our dealership today.
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