Trusted Since 1989

Valu Ford & Chrysler has been a familiar name in West-Central Minnesota since February 2002. But our story really began in the late 1980's when two young college graduates had a dream of owning their own dealership.

In 1989, while most young people were interested in MTV and big hair, Tom and Joel Krusemark had a very different agenda.  They were interested in having a Ford franchise in their hometown of Elbow Lake, Minnesota and through a lot of hard work (and some strong nerves) they did just that.

Elbow Lake Ford was just the first of the Krusemark brothers' businesses.  A few short years later in 1994 they acquired Fuhrman Buick, renaming it Morris Auto Plaza.  Then in 2002, they bought Arvid Beyer Ford, also in Morris and conveniently located next door to Morris Auto Plaza.  From this purchase Valu Ford & Chrysler was born. 

March of 2010 brought the talent of our Elbow Lake Ford employees to our Valu Ford & Chrysler location in Morris as we consolidated our two stores and two staffs into one location.

Valu Ford & Chrysler - as we know it today - relocated into the Morris Auto Plaza building in 2014 when Morris Auto Plaza moved to Alexandria, Minnesota and became Diamond Buick GMC.

Why, you've probably asked, we are we sharing the changes we've seen since 1989?  Rest assured, the answer is not to confuse you.  Rather, we're telling you some of our history for a few reasons:

  1. Valu Ford & Chrysler is not afraid of change.  All of us know that nothing will improve by itself. We need to do things differently to make that happen, and without change there would be no improvements.  New facilities, new faces, and new opportunities have helped our dealerships evolve for three decades.
  2. In life there is no standing still; you either adapt and move forward or stagnate and fall behind.  Whether anyone likes it or not, the car business is changing rapidly.  And Valu Ford & Chrysler is suited up and ready to play.
  3. We continually invest in our customers.  Valu Ford & Chrysler's customers deserve the best and our commitment to having state-of-the art facilities, the latest in technology and tools, and more conveniences help  us provide a superior experience at Valu Ford & Chrysler. 
  4. We continually invest in our employees. The Valu Ford & Chrysler staff enjoys the benefits of working in a recently remodeled and spacious facility.  Through ongoing education, support, and the latest in tools and technology, our staff is well-equipped to succeed. 

Since the beginning, we've worked hard to have the cleanest, nicest, best priced vehicles around.  Oh, and by the way, the guys that own our stores - yep, those same Krusemark boys - always have and continue to buy all of our used cars.  (Not to mention, nearly 30 years of experience each makes them really good at what they do.)  Whether you are looking for a new vehicle, a used vehicle, or for an exciting career in the automotive industry, Valu Ford & Chrysler would love to add you to their story.

Valu Ford & Chrysler offers a full selection of services including:

  • New Vehicle Sales
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales
  • Car Loans and Financing
  • Certified Service Department
  • Full Selection of Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM Parts and Accessories

Valu Ford & Chrysler has an experienced and reliable Service and Parts departments that are open extra hours to help fit our customers' hectic schedules, and as always, Valu Ford & Chrysler offers competitive pricing for your automotive maintenance needs. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and our staff is committed to achieving this goal in every aspect of our business. Please feel free to reach us at (320) 589-1010 if you have any questions or comments.

About Valu Ford and Chrysler, Proudly Supplying New Ford, RAM, Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge Models in Morris, Minnesota

Whether you're from Morris, Alexandria, Willmar, Fergus Falls, and Fargo or anywhere in between, you can rest assured that when you shop for a new or used Ford, RAM, Jeep, Chrysler or Dodge, you're shopping for quality and reliability, no matter which model appeals to you.

Qualifying for a loan or Ford, RAM, Jeep, Chrysler or Dodge lease couldn't be easier with our on-site financial enthusiasts at your back. We know all of the ins and outs of finding quality financing solutions, and that means you can spend less time going over paperwork and more time enjoying your new car.

Once you're behind the wheel as an owner, Valu Ford and Chrysler continues to support your driving needs through our onsite service center. Our team is well-versed in everything automotive and utilizes the latest Ford, RAM, Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge parts, so you can count on solid routine maintenance and timely repairs when they're needed.

When you can come to Valu Ford and Chrysler, you can have your Ford, RAM, Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge wishes granted. And let's face it: you deserve nothing less. Located on 205 Hwy 9 So in Morris, Minnesota, we know our job isn't finished until you're completely satisfied.